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Paphiopedilum Maudiae Vinicolor "Schwarze Madonna"

Paphiopedilum Maudiae Vinicolor "Schwarze Madonna"
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Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab. Blühstark ist nicht gleichbedeutend mit blühend.
Origin : India , southern China , Philippines , Indonesia and New Guinea... more
Product information "Paphiopedilum Maudiae Vinicolor "Schwarze Madonna""

Origin: India, southern China, Philippines, Indonesia and New Guinea in tropical regions.

Species: about 60

Location: Shady and humid. Only in the winter with full light. Greenleaf varieties can stay outdoors from 06 to 10 in a shady place

Temperature: In summer and winter, day 15-20°C at night minimum 15°C. Plants withmottledLeaf should be always kept 5°C warmer - the same applies to hybrids
Watering: Keep the plant moist during the summer. Water carefully in the winter, but  never allow to dry out completely. No hard water.

Fertilizing: every 14 days between 04 to 10 with half of the concentration

This plant is flowering size but not delivered with Buds or Flowers

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