Oncidium Pagans Scent "Hanna Star"

Oncidium Pagans Scent "Hanna Star"
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Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab. Blühstark ist nicht gleichbedeutend mit blühend.
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Origin:  in almost all Central and South American countries in tropical and subtropical... more
Product information "Oncidium Pagans Scent "Hanna Star""

Origin: in almost all Central and South American countries in tropical and subtropical regions.

Species: over 500

Location: Bright and sunny, slightly shaded during the summer at midday. In summer if possible in the garden - lightly shaded place.

Temperature: In the summer 25 ° C during the day, at night 15-20 ° C. In winter, 18 ° C is enough during the day, 15 ° C at night

Watering: In summer, when the new shoot grows, it will always keep moist material, but it must not be wet. Therefore, pour vigorously and allow water to drain off again. In winter and after flowering, there is a break. Then only so much is poured that the bulbs do not shrink

Fertilization: During the summer growth with every 3rd watering in full concentration. Do not fertilize during the rest period of 10-03.

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