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Important Information
  1. All prices include VAT plus shipping costs and maybe low order fee.
  2. Flowering size means that the plant has the size to be able to bloom in its season.
  3. Flowering size is not synonymous with blooming.

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Top Artikel

Dendrobium nugentii "Bee Gee" x self 12,90 €
(incl. 10.7% Tax excl. shipping)

Dendrobium nugentii "Bee Gee" x self

near flowering size in 3 cm Pot, Miniature, Import from Australia

Catasetum Susan Fuchs "Sun Spots" 17,90 €
(incl. 10.7% Tax excl. shipping)

Catasetum Susan Fuchs "Sun Spots"

flowering size in 8 cm pot

Lycaste aromatica x cruenta 19,90 €
(incl. 10.7% Tax excl. shipping)

Lycaste aromatica x cruenta

flowering size in 12 cm Pot

Cattleanthe (Slc.) Doris and Byron "X-mas Rose" 24,90 €
(incl. 10.7% Tax excl. shipping)

Cattleanthe (Slc.) Doris and Byron "X-mas Rose"

 flowering size with 3-4 spikes in 10 cm Pot, Fragrant

Blc. Young-Min Orange "Golden Satisfaction" 19,90 €
(incl. 10.7% Tax excl. shipping)

Blc. Young-Min Orange "Golden Satisfaction"

flowering size with 2-3 spikes in 10 cm Pot

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